Design with handcrafted elements assignment 代写

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  • Design with handcrafted elements assignment 代写

     Design with handcrafted elements or the appearance of handcrafting can suggest resourcefulness and thrift, a luxury of time or childhood creativity according to author and social theorist Mel Campbell. She also warns that “[F]etishising handmade things is a tiny protest against the tyrannical consumer cycle of newness and obsolescence. But ultimately it’s a just another kind of consumerism (2009, p.17).” Compare and contrast three examples of contemporary design with genuine handcrafted elements or that give an impression of handcraft. Explain which elements of each design is handcrafted or signifies handcraft and what messages these examples communicate to their target demographic taking into account Campbell’s arguments. [Ensure your examples are design rather than handcraft. If in doubt, ask your tutor.]

    Design with handcrafted elements assignment 代写

    Set reading & viewing (compulsory)
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    Design with handcrafted elements assignment 代写