AMCOR CASE 代写 case study Sustainability Accounting

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  • AMCOR CASE 代写 case study Sustainability  Accounting

    Written case study group assignment: Marks 20 (weight 10%)
    Word limit: 1,000 words
    DUE WEEK 10 THURSDAY 5 OCTOBER 2017 BY 5:00 PM via Assignment link on LMS.
    Assignment title: Managing organisational performance: the AMCORE Case
    1. Read the weekly task of the AMCOR case outlined on the subject LMS site.
    2. Visit the company website to find information about the company's products, mission, objectives, strategic priorities, sustainability initiatives, business environment, organizational structure, annual reports, and operations which would assist you in completing this assignment. 
    3. Based on your inquiry and research, write answers to the following questions. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PREPARE A BUSINESS REPORT.
    1. Outline the goals/objectives of the company and identify the groups of stakeholders and competitors for the company (5 marks)
    2. identify the FIVE key performance indicators (KPIs) and discuss. Make sure that your chosen performance measures relate specifically to AMCOR. (5 marks)
    3. Draw a Strategy Map for AMCOR, similar to that in Exhibit 14.5 in the textbook (p. 628), to show the relationships between the different objectives. (5 marks)
    4. Conclude your assignment by writing a critically commentary on why should AMCOR link achievement of performance targets to its employees remuneration. (5 marks)

    AMCOR CASE 代写 case study Sustainability  Accounting
    It is the Group’s responsibility to ensure that their assignment conforms to all relevant University, College and Department guidelines. 
    All Group members are expected to make an approximately equal contribution to each part of the assignment. 
    (Note: by way of Appendix, the report must be fully referenced where appropriate in accordance with College requirements. No more than ten references are expected). 
    Each required task of the assignment will be evaluated based on a marking rubric (refer to the subject learning guide) covering in general the following criteria:
    · Content: relevance to topics and quality of information.
    · Organisation: good introduction, logical flow (sequence) of arguments, and well-structured.
    · Quality of analysis: critical commentary and reflective views on issues addressed.
    · Overall conclusion (lessons learned from the case).
    Group assignment is to be submitted via Turn-It-In on LMS. Must be done in groups of 4 students. No late submission is acceptable.
     AMCOR CASE 代写 case study Sustainability  Accounting